Special Events

Think Events. Think Australian Mushrooms.

Show 1This year Australian Mushrooms will be out and about at a variety of events held throughout Australian. At each of these event we will demonstrate how to cook up a range of deliciously simple recipes that can be made much better with mushrooms.

Best of all there will recipe leaflets and samples to give away.

So keep an eye out and if you smell that indescribably fantastic aroma of mushrooms cooking, come over and visit us and find out a little more about Australian Mushrooms.

The events scheduled for the rest of 2016 include:

  • Adelaide Royal Show – September 2-11
  • Better Homes and Garden Show (NSW) – September 16-18
  • Melbourne Royal Show – September 17-27
  • Perth Royal Show – September 24 – October 1
  • Newtown Festival (NSW) – November 13
  • Taste of Melbourne – November 12-15