Wild mushrooms


Pine Mushrooms

Botanical name: Lactarius deliciosus
Common name: Saffron Milk Caps, Orange Fly Caps, Red Pine Mushroom.

Commonly grow under pine trees during late summer to autumn, after warm sunny days and good rain. Often known as milky saffron, as they exude a milky orange sap when cut. Vibrant saffron-coloured cap, gills and stem. Firm texture. Full, roasted nut flavour.

Perfect for :

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    Slow cook

Slippery Jacks

Botanical name: Suillus luteus
Common name: Pine Bolete, sticky Bun

Wild variety gathered in forests and found only under pine trees late summer to autumn. Sticky, honey-like substance on the top gives the dark brown cap its ‘slippery’ appearance, with a honeycomb-looking underside. Moist Spongy texture and mild flavour.

Perfect for :

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  • 2xic-pasta